Why waste heat?

Computers get hot and data centres use a huge amount of energy to deal with it. Remarkably the waste heat from a large data centre could provide hot water for 11,000 homes.1

But moving heat is hard, it requires new infrastructure or a pre-existing heat network. Moving data is easy, so we've taken the servers to where heat is needed, in people's homes.

We harness the heat from compute to provide free hot water for those that need it, turning a compute problem into a social benefit.

Working in IT I know how much heat servers give off. Re-using it to offset hot water heating makes so much sense.
heata host
Bordon, UK

How it works


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Installation overview

Our patented thermal bridge is fitted to vented domestic hot water cylinders and provides the attachment point for our powerful server.

We've tested the installation process with British Gas engineers and checked that it doesn't invalidate cylinder warrantees with one of the UK's largest cylinder manufacturers.

To find out if your cylinder is suitable for a heata unit, download our summary brochure which includes the cylinder checklist and installation overview.