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Provide free hot water for UK families
by rendering on our distributed render farm.

Affordable, managed,
genuinely sustainable 3D rendering

Cost effective

Lower job cost than other render farms, and we manage all render licensing and infrastructure.

Managed by people

An experienced team oversees your rendering, including upload, pre-checks, monitoring and delivery.

Truly green

Unlike a typical render farm, our distributed nodes don't require cooling and we offset hot water heating, so we use up to 80% less energy.

Social impact

We re-use the heat from our rendering to provide free hot water to families, saving them money.
'Persephone' – Created by Eleven, Rendered by heata
"The team at heata is very supportive and the process is straightforward. I'd encourage any studio concerned with sustainability to give heata a try."
Nick Homer
Managing Director
F10 Studios
"heata helped us render a 40-second passion piece, which we premiered at D2 Conference. They delivered on time, and were able to deal with the complexities of our files!"
Aneta Gesiorska
Co Founder
Eleven Visualisation
"Our client Landsec was hugely responsive to the positive impact. We look forward to working together on future projects."
Edward Mascarenhas
CGI Director
Model Works

Supported Software

If your set-up isn't covered, just let us know what you are using and we'll work with you to get things set-up.
3ds Max
Forest Pack
All plugins
Grow FX

More transparent pricing

Pricing for rendering can be confusing and your estimate is rarely what you’ll actually be billed once the job is complete.

We are competitively priced with other render farms but make the pricing part of the process far more transparent.

We’ll work with you to get a feel for the job as a whole and render representative test frames to get a clearer idea of a true average render time. Then keep you informed if the estimate needs to be reviewed as the job progresses. Here's an overview of our pricing.

Credit commitment
You pay
We charge 1p / GHzh on our hardware.
1 rendering credit  = £1.
Animation offer:
50% off renders of animations
£100 of free credits:
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Talk to a human

Sending a render off into the automated unknown, hoping it’s going to come back ok, can be a stressful experience.

We set-up a dedicated slack channel per client, so you can always call or message us with questions, and check in to see how the job is going.

You can trust us to work through any set-up issues to get your renders looking as they should. Then we supervise the rendering until the job is completed and delivered on time.

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How does it work?

The heata unit is a powerful compute server that attaches to domestic hot water cylinders. The heat generated by the processing is transferred into the cylinder using a patented thermal transfer mechanism.

How the heata unit works. New way to 3D render
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SpecificationsDual Intel XEON
(E5 2680 v4)
56 vCPUs
Up to 128Gb RAM

Cinebench 15: 3,700
Cinebench 20: 8,457
Cinebench 23: 21,623
V-Ray 5.0: 17,536
Corona 1.3 Rays/s: 8,533,740

Our hardware is similar to other render platforms with a key difference, we harness the waste heat it generates to provide free hot water for people who need it.

Try out the heata network

If sustainability is important to your business, the heata network could help you reduce the climate impact of your renders, as well as provide free hot water to households that are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

If you've got an upcoming job to render, we'd love to hear from you.

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