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how the heata unit works - housing overview

We help landlords improve the energy efficiency of their housing and offer free hot water to their tenants


EPC improvement

By 2026 new tenancies must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or better, and all tenancies by 2028. EPCs are also required when properties are built or sold.

The heata unit is expected to improve the EPC rating by 4-8 points. Heata is undertaking the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) to trial the units and calculate the improved energy performance. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) will then add the heata unit to its database of products used to calculate EPCs.


Free hot water

For landlords mandated to meet EPC targets, the heata unit is a cost effective alternative to expensive and disruptive building works.

Installation takes around 2 hours and once installed, the waste heat from compute heats the household’s hot water – delivering up to 3.6kWh per day. For the average household this is 80% of its hot water energy consumption and at current prices it could save them up to £450 a year [1] depending on the primary heating source that the heata unit is off-setting.

heata provides homes with hot water
Photo of the heata unit

Meet the heata unit

A powerful compute server that attaches to domestic hot water cylinders, the heat generated by the processing is transferred into the cylinder using a patented thermal transfer mechanism.

How the heata unit works. New way to 3D render

Installation overview

Our patented thermal bridge is fitted to vented domestic hot water cylinders and provides the attachment point for our powerful server.

We've tested the installation process with British Gas engineers and checked that it doesn't invalidate cylinder warrantees with one of the UK's largest cylinder manufacturers.

To find out if your cylinder is suitable for a heata unit, download our summary brochure which includes the cylinder checklist and installation overview.
Diagram - How the heata unit works with your boiler

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The heata unit can be retro-fitted to the majority of domestic hot water cylinders and is a great fit for social housing organisations who want to decarbonise their housing stock and help tenants with their electricity costs. If you'd like to find out more, we'd love to hear from you.

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A 'host' is the household with the heata unit installed on their hot water cylinder.
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