Supporting those living in social housing 

Mar 2, 2022

With inflation hitting 5.4% and projected to increase further, the pressures on families living in social housing (3.9m people and 17% of households in 2018) are greater than they have been in many years. In fact the last time inflation was higher was in 1992 (7.1%).

To date, energy bills have been kept in check by the government's price cap, limiting how much suppliers can charge, but on the 1st of April the price cap will be increased and as a result bills for many will increase by 54%, adding £693 to the average household’s bill.

This rise in energy prices will hit everyone across the UK hard but most of all those in social housing, many of whom are already struggling financially. More families will be pushed into fuel poverty.

How can heata help?

Data Centres hold racks and racks of powerful computers which get very hot when they undertake complex processing. Normally this heat is simply expelled into the atmosphere, yet the waste heat from one data centre could provide the hot water for 11,000 homes! This is where heata comes in; we harness this heat to provide households with free hot water.

How does heata do this? 

Heata breaks down data centres from large facilities into individual compute units that can be attached on to domestic hot water cylinders, with the heat from the processing transferred into the water via a patented thermal contact plate. Installation is via a British Gas approved ‘no plumbing’ process and doesn’t affect the cylinder’s warranty.

Once installed the heata unit can provide up to 80% of an average household’s daily hot water demand at no cost to the household - free hot water! - saving them a significant amount on their electricity bill.

So if you’re a social landlord or affordable housing provider, drop us an email and let’s see if we can work together to help the people living in your homes.

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